Manufacturer Spotlight

Most of us have probably heard of the big brand names when it comes to outdoor gear manufacturers... backpacks made by Osprey, shoes made by Salomon, or bikes made by Trek. Many of those brands are almost household names. However, there are a huge range of other manufacturers out there too, many of whom are smaller scale but doing amazing things.

There are many small scale, "cottage industry", manufacturers in the outdoor gear world designing cutting edge innovative products. In many instances, those smaller manufacturers can provide a better experience for consumers through a more direct relationship with their customers. For example, they are often happy to provide pre-purchase advice, many have lifetime warranties on their products, and they often allow customised orders on their gear.

Here at Ultimate Gear Lists, we aim to put the spotlight on lightweight backpacking gear manufacturers you may, or may not, have heard of. We believe that each of the manufacturers we highlight here in our Manufacturer Spotlight are doing something cool and innovative that is worth checking out!


Tarptent - as you can probably guess - is a manufacturer of tarps and tents! Since pre-2000 they have been designing and manufacturing innovative shelters suitable for a variety of backpacking and bikepacking adventures.