Ultimate Gear Lists initially began as an outlet for an obsession with outdoor kit. The obsession had led to hours of research. The research had led to an accumulation of knowledge. The obvious next step was to share that knowledge with others, as an avenue for maintaining some sanity.

In 2018 UltimateGearLists.com was born. Currently we have three main areas of focus:


Our initial goal is to provide comprehensive advice on the best outdoor kit currently available. To achieve this end goal we publish reviews of outdoor gear, with a focus on gear for hiking and backpacking.

Our philosophy is on lightweight backpacking, but without sacrificing safety or comfort. For instance, we like a tent with sufficient space, a backpack with a comfortable hip belt, a sleeping mat that is full length, and occasionally we will carry a Thermarest Compack Chair - some features that an ultra-light backpacking enthusiast may well object to. (...OK, maybe the last one is a little bit too much luxury!)


In addition to gear reviews, we aim to compile "best-in-class" lists of gear for specific types of adventures.

Our "ultimate gear lists" are intended to be your one-stop-shop for setting yourself up with the best equipment for a given type of adventure. Of course, the perfect gear differs depending on the needs of the individual and the environment, so such lists should always be used only as guide.


Finally, whilst developing the website it became evident that a discussion of lightweight backpacking gear could not take place without context. We discovered that in addition to providing gear advice we actually want to inspire your next epic outdoor adventure.

To this end, we have decided to provide in-depth destination guides for multi-day hiking and backpacking trips. Our destination guides provide detailed information for some of the world's most stunning and spectacular wilderness regions. 


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Ultimate Gear Lists is maintained by passionate enthusiasts for all things related to adventure and the outdoors.

Sam Brilleman is founder and chief operator of Ultimate Gear Lists.

Since departing his homeland of New Zealand in 2007, he has lived in several locations across different continents. This has allowed him to explore numerous locations around the globe, tracking down some of the most epic mountains, dense bushlands, and stunning coastlines. 

He loves hiking and biking, especially when packing a tent. He is currently based in Melbourne, Australia.


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