Ultimate Backpacking Gear List

In the build up to a big trip, there are few things more exciting than figuring out your gear requirements, accumulating that gear, and then packing it all up in readiness for hitting the trail. There is no universal, perfect, gear list for multi-day backpacking trips. The ideal gear depends on the individual, their preferences and experience, and the destination, including the expected type of environment and conditions.

Nonetheless, there are some gear manufacturers and products that simply blow the competition out of the water. Below is a list of the gear items that we pack for our multi-day backpacking trips. These are the items we believe outrank the competition and that we have come to rely on. Your mileage might vary, but we hope that these top picks help highlight some of the epic products out there for the lightweight backpacker.

If you want to read about more of the gear we love, check out some of these top gear reviews:

Whatever you decide, may it lead you towards happy endeavours on the trail!



Sleeping Bag / Quilt

Sleeping Pad

Sleeping Accessories


Carried Clothing

Worn Clothing

Tools & Accessories




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Happy hiking, and take care out there in the wild!


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