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On this page you’ll find our collection of in-depth guides for stunning hiking destinations across the globe. At Ultimate Gear Lists we believe the hikes listed below cover ground in some of the most jaw-dropping places on this planet.

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Jasper National Park is home to some of the most dramatic mountain scenery in the Canadian Rockies. And the stunning Tonquin Valley is one of the jewels in the Jasper crown. This 27 mile / 44 km hike takes in some of Jasper’s most epic mountain ranges, peaceful valleys, serene alpine lakes, and best wildlife spotting opportunities.

At the bottom end of New Zealand lies one of the last land stops before Antarctica. So remote that it provides one of the few remaining areas of shelter for the iconic native kiwi bird. And with a resident population of 381 inhabitants, and more than 80% of the area declared as a protected national park, Stewart Island is a bushwalkers paradise.  

A land of volcanoes, mountains, glaciers, and progressive citizens. Iceland is one of the most fascinating nations on the globe. It is both surreal and astounding. If the mountains appear to be liquid lava frozen in time, that's because they are. It is a landscape that must be seen to be believed. And the Laugavegur Trail crosses some of the most varied scenery in the country.  

Straddling the France-Spain divide, the Pyrenees is one of the largest mountain ranges in western Europe. The long distance High Route Pyrenees (HRP) covers the full length of the range, but also offers opportunities for shorter (e.g. one week) excursions. This is walking on the rooftops of Europe, in ultimate alpine style.


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